The department holds colloquia 2-3 times each semester in which notable invited scholars present their work.  These events are typically research-focused, but are also occasionally teaching-focused.  Colloquia offer students a chance to learn more from visible scholars in the field whose work they will be reading and integrating with their own.  In addition to lecturing, visiting speakers typically hold office hours, providing opportunities for students to cultivate relationships with prominent scholars at other universities.

Colloquium Presenters for the 2011-2012 Academic Year

Semester Presenter Presentation Title
Fall 2011 Paul Leonardi, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University Sharing the Work of Brokerage: Network Articulation for Idea Generation and Implementation

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Fall 2011 Richard Buttny, Professor, Syracuse University   Discursive Practices in Framing Voices of Other for the News

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Fall 2011 Bernadette Calafell, Associate Professor, University of Denver Latina/o Vernacular Discourse: Theorizing Connections Across Rhetoric, Performance, and Cultural Studies
Spring 2012 Michele Jackson, Associate Professor, CU-Boulder Examining the Partnership between Communication and Technology: What Our Studies of Technology Can Tell Us about Our Theories of Communication