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How do I register?

You don’t register for the internship program (COMM 4930) like your other classes.  After you submit your application the Department of Communication will complete the registration for you.  When you register for your other classes be sure to leave room in your schedule for the number of internship credits you are registering for.

Who is my faculty sponsor?

The Department of Communication internship coordinator is the faculty sponsor for all the internships.

How much does the internship program cost?

During the fall and spring semesters the internship program is included in your overall tuition bill—just like any other class you would register for.  In the summer you have to pay summer school tuition and fees to register for the internship program—just like you would for any other summer school class you want to register for.  Summer internships are priced on a per-credit basis.  Contact Continuing Education for up to date information about summer school costs.

I can’t get the electronic signature feature on the application file to work—can I just submit a hard copy of my application? 

Yes, but we strongly prefer an electronic version.  Please try using a computer on campus if you can’t get the application file to work on your device.  But sometimes internship employers have trouble with the electronic signature feature and it’s easier to use a hard copy to avoid the extra hassle.

My employer requires that I show proof of college credit before they approve my application—what do I do? 

Contact the internship coordinator and we will provide you a form letter you can give to your employer.

My employer requires further proof of liability insurance for my internship—what do I do?   

Contact the internship coordinator and we will provide you a form letter you can give to your employer.

What assignments do I need to complete for the internship program?

See the sample syllabus provided on the website.  Assignments usually include a blog or journal, an annotated bibliography, a response paper to the book Intern Nation, and a final report about your internship experiences.

How is my internship graded?

All internships are graded pass/fail.

Do the credits I earn count toward my COMM major?

No, internships and pass/fail courses do not count toward the 33 credit hours required for the major