Students in lower-division courses (1000 and 2000-level) may or may not have any prior COMM coursework.

For upper-division courses, see the course catalog for prerequisites for specific classes.

3000 level courses: The following 3000-level courses are restricted to COMM majors who are juniors or seniors: 3210, 3300, 3740, 3750, and 3760. As of fall semester, 2012, COMM 3760 requires completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, COMM 3300. All other 3000-level COMM courses require only that students be juniors or seniors.

4000 level courses are restricted to COMM majors with 81 or more hours (advanced juniors and seniors). Enrollment in senior seminars (COMM 4220, 4300, 4400, 4510, 4600, and 4610) requires completion of COMM 3210 and COMM 3300.