Department of Communication
270 UCB, Hellems 96
Boulder, CO 80309
303-492-8411 (fax)

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Academic advising is an integral part of undergraduate education. The goal of all academic advising is to help students make responsible decisions as they develop educational plans compatible with their potential and with their career and life goals. Advisors also assist students in understanding academic policies, requirements, procedures, and deadlines. Although students confer with advisors about their education choices, students themselves are responsible for selecting the content of their academic program and making progress toward an academic degree. Students should meet with their advisor 1-2 times a year to talk out educational and post-college plans and insure that they are making adequate progress toward graduation.

Communication Advisors

Bevin Gumm
Office: Hellems 85B, UCB 270 (East basement)
Phone: 303-735-3237

Bevin graduated from St. Lawrence University with a BA in Government. While an undergraduate, she participated in study abroad in Kenya and student taught in a boarding school in London. She earned two Master’s degrees from Miami University: Educational Psychology and Educational Leadership. Teaching in a refugee camp in Thailand and in the French and American International Schools in Kathmandu were both wonderful experiences for her. She has worked as a staff member on two Semester-at-Sea voyages circling the globe in both directions. She loved learning to skate ski while working in McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Debbie O’Neill
Office: Hellems 85C UCB 270 (East basement)
Phone: 303-492-6565

Debbie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Eastern Washington University, and received her Master’s degree in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Debbie also holds a Graduate Teaching Certificate in Women’s Studies.

Colorado is Debbie’s 11th state. She was a part of Army Intelligence, worked at a chocolate company, held several medical positions, and done lots and lots of teaching as a grad student in Communication and Women’s Studies. 

Communicating with Your Advisor: Appointments, Walk-Ins, and E-mails

Appointments must be scheduled through the appointment calendar Appointments and Walk-In Schedules. They cannot be made via the phone or emails. For briefer issues, feel free to stop by walk-in hours. If you have a straightforward question, e-mail your advisor, who reviews e-mails and tries to respond as quickly as possible.  You can leave a voicemail on their office phone, but e-mail is preferable and will likely garner a quicker response. If you are experiencing an advising “emergency,” do let your advisor know immediately, though keep in mind that they have full schedules and are often holding appointments with other students.